X99 Hackintosh Guide Part 1 - Asus BIOS Settings

For this guide, I will be using my Asus X99-E WS board. Settings will be very similar for other Asus boards.

Hackintosh will really test your trial and error abilities. Stay patient and keep trying. Here is the framework I use whenever I change/add hardware to my Hackintosh.

1. Upgrade your BIOS

In general you should upgrade your BIOS to the latest stable version. But certain versions may cause issues with macOS and prevent it from booting. As was the case with BIOS v3402 for my board. I needed to downgrade to v3302.

Download the latest stable BIOS direct from your motherboard manufacturer only. For Asus boards, it's called "EZ Flash."

2. Change BIOS settings

Intel Speedstep Technology = Disabled (Causes CPU multiplier to stick to the CPU default and you loose performance)
xHCI Mode = Smart Auto
EHCI support = Enabled
Legacy USB = Enabled
Fast Boot = Disabled
Setup Mode = Advanced
Serial Port = Disabled
Asmedia USB 3.0 Controller = Off (USB 3.0 still works on my machine, but this seemed to cause issues)

CSM (Compatibility Support Module)
Clear Secure Boot Keys (if any)
Select Other OS

Avoid any overclocking during this stage, it will be difficult to
Exit > Save Settings and Reset


Conservative Overclock Settings


After this, you're ready to create your Clover USB installer and move ahead!