Some Hackintosh Q&A

I wanted to make a Q&A post for frequently asked questions and I decided to use a reader's email to me to start it.

Q: Do 10Gb Ethernet Cards work on Hackintosh?

They do, if it's Mac compatible then it seems to work fine. The reader runs a production studio and uses 10GbE networking heavily and the Hackintoshes have never caused a problem.

Q: Can Windows also be installed on the same hard drive as macOS?

Windows can actually be put onto a 2nd partition of M.2 by simply restoring a disk image of some kind to the 2nd partition after the Hackintosh install. Obviously the sizes have to match, which takes jumping through a few hoops, but once it's done, it seems to work. Some BIOS setting might need to be adjusted though for the Windows boot to work - for example, CSM must be on.

Q: How do I set up SSDT and Power Management

Re power management: I know that Pike has spent a lot of time on it:

But the SSDT / DSDT modifications are not straightforward and appear to be vastly different between boards/manufacturers. Pike tried to help me modify mine but it was exhausting and eventually I gave up on it. There is no performance benefit whatsoever, but it consumes less lower and generates less heat at idle. If any user has a simple solution, please post it!

Q: Can Hackintosh really be faster than a real Mac?

Actually, it's much faster. You can install better video cards than the top Mac Pro, faster SSDs, processors with Faster clock speeds, etc. For day to day use I find my X99 Hackintosh faster than the most speced out Mac Pro or even the newest Macbook Pro.

Q: Does the SMBIOS profile change my performance?

I've done extensive testing here and I can verify it does literally NOTHING to the performance of the system. The only caveat here is that if you have malfunctioning hardware with a particular profile, like USB issues, it could slow down your system. Check your system log and look for persistent errors.

Please ask more questions in the comments and I will be sure to add them to the post when I get a chance. Happy Hackintoshing!