Some Clover AllocateRelocBlock Error Help - Install/Boot El Capitan

Many people have emailed me asking for my help on solving the AllocateRelocBlock error caused by too many connected PCIe devices-- and how it's possible with El Capitan.

I thought I would make a quick post to share my advice publicly.

Boot El Capitan with PCIe devices causing AllocateRelocBlock error.

  1. Remove the extra video card or PCIe devices, remove Test2.efi, ensure you're on the latest Clover.
  2. Boot into El Capitan and build the kernel cache "sudo kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel" in terminal
  3. Downgrade to Clover version 3241 (latest confirmed working with Test2.efi fix. Please message me if I've broken the link.)
  4. Add Test2.efi fix to Clover (Included in above download)
  5. Add your hardware which usually causes the error
  6. Cross your fingers and attempt to boot


Some notes

  • Make sure to remove the hardware before installing and trying to boot El Capitan, it's easier working backwards from a known-good config rather than forwards from a config causing issues.
  • Every time I received the AllocateRelocBlock on my Gigabyte X99-UD5 I had to reflash the BIOS (or remove the offending PCIe device) to make the error go away.
  • It's easier to upgrade hardware. Are you running two video cards? Bite the bullet and upgrade to one powerful card. I'm running the GTX 980 and pretty happy with it. I believe the Titan is also compatible for more power.

Unbootable system? I followed these steps to fix

To do a system update on OS X El Capitan:

  1. Disable SIP
  2. Apply System Update (with reboot)
  3. Enable SIP, reboot

To fix an unbootable system, or to boot a freshly updated system, one must disable SIP, then boot into Single User Mode in order to rebuild the cache. This is done in Clover by pressing spacebar to access boot menu, then selecting "Boot Mac OS X in single user verbose mode". Type the following commands in order once the command line appears in verbose mode.

To fix an unbootable system via Terminal:

  1. fsck -fy
  2. mount -uw /
  3. touch /System/Library/Extensions && kextcache -u /
  4. reboot

Often, the EFI partition is not available to disable SIP.

  1. At BIOS, boot with OS X El Capitan Public Beta Installation USB Using Clover_v3259 or newer (SIP is disabled with Post #1 attached config.plists)
  2. On restart, boot with OS X El Capitan Public Beta Installation USB Using Clover_v3259 or newer
  3. Rebuild kernel cache in Terminal: touch /System/Library/Extensions && kextcache -u /
  4. Remove USB
  5. Restart and boot normally

Feel free to contact me if you'd like any additional help, I know it's a cruel hackintosh world out there!