My Triple Monitor Setup

NEC PA322UHD 32" Monitor + 2 Dell U2412M 24" Monitors

I am quite happy with my current LCD display setup so I wanted to share my setup in case anyone wants to replicate.

My current setup:
NEC PA322UHD 32" Monitor + 2 Dell U2412M 24" Monitors

Since I am a developer as well as a product design person, I like to have a lot of screen real-estate for multiple views/apps. It also helps me to print less and use less paper.

After having issues with the Asus PQ321Q not running at 60hz because of the SST limitations I decided to upgrade my monitor. I first tried the LG 31MU97-B 31" monitor but I ultimately ended up returning the monitor because it was too dim. It felt like a step down from the Asus PQ321Q.

Afterwards I did a lot of research and tried to find the best 4K display available. I couldn't really find a monitor that stood well above the rest until I read the NEC PA322UHD Review from PCMag.

I always thought that NEC made reliable monitors but I didn't think they had built a super competitive 4k monitor. When I saw the price tag though, I was discouraged. Ultimately I ended up saving money and finding one of these used for about $1000 off of the retail price.

I know the price is a big hurdle but I can tell you this monitor is absolutely worth it. The panel is simply stunning. It's also got a built-in Keyboard, Video, and Mouse (KVM) switch, which lets you control two computers with one keyboard and mouse when used with the two upstream USB ports.

When time came to get a second monitor 4K for home I opted to get the Asus PA328Q monitor because it has great reviews. I had a terrible experience with the monitor. From the get-go text was blurry and I had to adjust dozens of settings to get the screen to even look tolerable. It wasn't a defect because I returned the first one and got another one with the same issue. Ultimately I returned that one as well and decided I would wait for another NEC PA322UHD.

I ended up finding one refurbished on eBay for about $1200 off of retail.

I used Listing Lookout to create a price alert for new listings under a certain price.
NEC PA322UHD - Listing Lookout

I also set up an Amazon marketplace alert using the Keepa Box extension for Chrome:
NEC PA322UHD - Amazon

One last note for those of you that might be looking for a monitor mount that supports 30" monitors and greater. The Humanscale M8 monitor arm holds up to 40 lbs. Here it is holding the chunky PA322UHD.

PA322UHD and Humanscale M8

Happy pixel hunting!