My Favorite Mac Software

A lot of people have asked me about my favorite Mac Software so I thought I would get a list going.


For my terminal/command line I love iTerm2. It has settings which allow it to dock to the top of the screen and hide/show with a hotkey. It's really convenient.

Fantastical 2

A great calendar with a killer menu bar dropdown. Allows you to input natural dates and fills in the date and time automatically.


Hide your menu bar icons for less distractions and a clean look.


Great Mac integration and wonderful for syncing settings and files between computers.


Secure password management that's worth the money.

Better Touch Tool

Create shortcuts to automate actions -- like tap on the side of the mouse to switch tabs.

Or Two Finger Swipe down to pull down your terminal.

Better Snap Tool

Map keyboard shortcuts to window placement.


An absolute essential for me. This is a clipboard history app that allows you to easily copy and paste multiple items in a row. And it's free.


A more user-friendly version of Automator.

I use it to automatically unpack zip files in my Download folder. Then it will automatically move Applications to my Applications folder if it's newer than the one it replaces. I also use it to keep my Downloads folder tidy by moving downloads older than 10 days to my trash.

gleeBox Chrome Extension

Another one I cannot live without. Speed up internet browsing by navigating with your keyboard.


My good friend created a plugin for Hammerspoon that gives you the power of Google Autocomplete from your Mac. When selected, it pastes the selection. For the words and phrases that even trick the dictionary.

Any apps you think I would love based on what I've shared on this list? Please add a comment.