3x Samsung 960 Pros - NVMe Raid 0 - 8000MB/s

Wanted to post an update about my bootable NVMe Raid 0.

I got a great deal on some 960 Pro SSDs so I decided to upgrade from my 950 Pros. Original post

950 Pros (3x Raid 0 Stripe)

Previous performance:
3 Samsung 950 Pro 512MB SSDs in Raid 0

960 Pros (3x Raid 0 Stripe)

Used identical settings to above, resulting in a 16% increase in read speed and a 24% increase in write speed. Not staggering, but a definite upgrade.

3 Samsung 960 Pro 512MB SSDs in Raid 0 - macOS Sierra

Increasing the file size sped up my read and write significantly.

3 Samsung 960 Pro 512MB SSDs in Raid 0 - Optimized - macOS Sierra

Upgrade Steps

I first cloned my hard drive to a backup SSD with Carbon Copy Cloner. I then dismantled my 950 Pro raid with the following commands:

diskutil appleraid list

Then I took the UUID of the raid and ran:

diskutil appleraid delete <uuid>

Then I swapped in the new 960 Pro Drives, formatted the drives with Disk Utility, then tested each individually. The individual drives performed around 3250MB/s read and 2150MB/s write. Based on this, it appears the Softraid is about 20% slower than the single drive combined speeds.

Individual 960 Pro Benchmark - macOS Sierra

To create the new Raid 0, I first got disk numbers for next command:

diskutil list

Then I created the Raid 0:

diskutil appleraid create stripe Rocket8 JHFS+ disk0 disk1 disk2